The Gioteck EX

The Gioteck EX-01 Gaming Headset for Playstation 3 is the premier gaming headset for the beginner or veteran gamer. It is one of the best designed gaming headsets on the market today and one of the most cost-effective headsets as well.

This gaming headset has four main features that make gamers fall in love with it each time it is used. Those features are a 20 degree variable microphone arm, ergonomically designed controls, external speaker sponge and chargers via USB port.

The greatest feature about this gaming headset is that it is exclusively designed for gaming, not cell phones. This headset cannot be used with any phone or cell phone on the market, only for gaming, especially Playstation 3.

The Gioteck Ex-01 Gaming Headset for Playstation 3 is light years ahead of all other gaming headsets because of its exclusivity for gaming. With this headset, the speaker sponge makes for more comfortable gaming and for a longer period of time. Most headsets sit inside of the ear and become uncomfortable after a period of time. Not this headset. This headset sits on the ear, not inside the ear, and the sponge makes for a more comfortable experience.

Some technical problems have arisen with the use of this gaming headset but can be fixed quickly and in time for a gaming session. There have been reports of connection problems, speaker problems and charging problems. It takes a while to charge this headset, as with all other headsets, so allow for extra charging time before gaming.

The headset does not provide a way to check the charging status when it is plugged in or when the gamer is gaming. Again, allow for ample charging time. The instructions provided with this gaming headset are ideal for the gamer, whether beginner or veteran, and are easy to follow in the setup process.

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