Online MBA Graduates Share Their Experiences

In recent years, the popularity of online MBA courses has increased tremendously. This is because most employers are looking to hire people with MBA degrees along with work experience. Online MBA courses allow students to gain experience before they complete their MBA degree.

We talked to individuals in the process of obtaining their online MBA as well as some who have completed theirs already. They shared their experiences to help you determine whether an online MBA is a good fit for you.

The sole aim of the survey was to determine whether online MBA courses are worth the investment.

For Koonnag Tse, the answer to that question is a big “yes.” Tse, who graduated last year, enrolled in an online course and joined a corporate organization as a trainee. By the time she completed her MBA degree, she already had two years of experience working as a business analyst executive.

“As soon as I completed my MBA course, I was promoted to the next level of my job and started working as a Senior Business Analyst, and it’s been a great addition to my career. My MBA has shaped me into a better employee without, and I didn’t have to wait the two extra years that most traditional MBA courses require. I’ve been given more responsibility, and had I not taken the online MBA course, there’s no way that would have happened,” she says.

And she is not alone. Another MBA graduate on our list has his own story to tell. Travis Callaway worked at a call center for over five years, but considering the low income scope and no job security, he decided to enroll in an MBA program. But because most MBA courses were far beyond his budget, he opted for an online MBA program. As soon as he completed the course, he was able to apply for another job at the same call center – he landed a higher, senior level position and better income.

“And because I already knew about the functioning of the call center, I was immediately hired as I was now eligible for the position. All thanks to the online MBA program that made it possible for me to be qualified for this job.”

While many executives have been able to give a boost to their career after completing the MBA program, many already started to enjoy its benefits while still enrolled in the course. One such candidate we spoke to during our survey was Moses Adrien. He joined an online MBA course because the traditional MBA was far beyond his budget.

“As I started learning about business strategies and business management, I was able to take part in management level decisions. Following this, I was immediately promoted to the next level,” he recalls.

These online courses are available in almost every field and for almost every individual who has completed a graduate degree and want to take their career to the next level.