Ford and Google to Join Forces

Ford, one of the most popular automakers in the United States, and Google, one of the most popular search engines and technological companies in the world, are talking about a pact that would create a union between the two companies. Ford is looking into the possibility of having Google integrate some of its technologies into new Ford vehicles being released to the public in the near future. Ford is not only working on a pact with Google but they have also announced agreements with social media outlet Twitter, audio news service Stitcher, map supplier MapQuest and internet radio provider Pandora.

Many experts within the industry believe that Ford is looking to combine some of the features from the Google Android Mobile platform and the Ford technology known as Sync. Sync has become popular with Ford motorists because it allows the operators of the vehicles to access applications on their smart phones through the touch screens and console screens in the vehicles via their voice. If this deal goes through for both Ford and Google, this would be considered open technology, which is used by Apple and its iPhone brand. Third parties would be allowed to create applications for use through Google on Ford vehicles and the automaker would get a cut of the money generated from the application.

Ford has released all of this information and their newest update to their Sync program, known as MyFord Touch, in the wake of more states banning texting while driving beginning on the first of the year. This program allows the operator of the vehicle to change the vehicle temperature, radio stations, CD tracks and other vehicle functions through their voice as a way to reduce driver distractions. The Ford company plans to make MyFord Touch standard on 80 percent of its vehicles over the next five years.

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