Doing Business with Wayne County

Doing Business with Wayne County

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24 hours after activating the registration, you are eligible to access Human Relation’s online certification application(s). Please take a few minutes to review the next section carefully. This section will help prepare you to successfully complete the online certification application.
Pre-Certification Questions:

  1. Has the firm been in business for at least one year?
    • If YES, you are eligible to complete ALL Applications
    • If NO, you are eligible to ONLY complete the FEP and/or the W/MBE application(s).
  2. Do you have the last three (3) years tax returns for your business?
  3. Do you have a copy of your valid business structure documents i.e. Articles of Incorporation?
  4. Do you have copies of three (3) signed contracts/transaction entered into, completed or ongoing during the last 12 months.
  5. Do you have copies of all Professional commercial licenses required by state & local law needed by your firm to conduct business (if applicable).
  6. Do you have a copy of the lease/title/deed for the Wayne County Based location (if applicable).


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